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Building Bridges Between Art and STEM: Our Mission for a Creative, Inclusive Tomorrow

Here, you’ll find the essence of what drives us and the story that got us here, the values that guide us, and the mission we're passionately pursuing. We embarked on this venture not just to merge art with education but to advocate for a world where creativity and innovation are at the forefront of every learning path. This page is a introduction into our vision, our relentless pursuit of educational reform, and our dedication to nurturing the creative minds that will shape our future.

The majority of what you read here is taken directly from the Beyond Creativity Manifesto, a document crafted with careful thought and reflection. This manifesto now not only directs the Beyond Creativity project but has powerfully fed back into our core business values. We see Elkli & Hart evolving as the nurturing parent to our core offerings: the Beyond Creativity Magazine and Community, along with our photographic prints supporting our ambitious goals.

An uber cool female archer in traditional blue dress rides a horse, whilst readying her bow to release at her target, in this scene taken from an archery contest in Yoyogi Goen (park) — Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan

Our Core Values

Our ethos champions progressive learning, emphasizing creative and interdisciplinary approaches over traditional methods. We advocate for challenging norms, embracing innovation, and integrating art with science to foster essential lifelong skills. Committed to reshaping education and society, we strive for a future where creativity is fundamental, advocating for a significant shift towards STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education.


Championing forward-thinking progressive approaches to education and personal growth through interdisciplinary, thematic project-based exploration, we prioritise the cultivation of lifelong skills over traditional knowledge-based testing. Our focus is on preparing individuals for the future, not just for the now.

Macro photo with shallow depth of field showing the beautiful pastel pinks and golden yellow colours of a rose flower — Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom


We advocate for questioning and challenging the status quo to propel society forward. Respectful yet unapologetically bold, we believe that true progress emerges from a willingness to reconsider established norms and embrace innovative thinking.

Macro photo with shallow depth of field showing the beautiful pastel purple and lilac colours of a Bearded Iris flower — Kent, United Kingdom

to Innovation

Our commitment to openness means welcoming and rigorously testing new ideas from all corners of society. Recognising that originality and value often come from unexpected places, we encourage a culture where being open to being wrong is viewed as a strength, fostering unparalleled creativity.

A macro photo of a honey bee on a bright yellow sunflower. The bee's antenna and honeycomb eye is in focus, with a creamy bokeh of yellow petals in be background — Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
A gradient image made up of pastel shades of pink, lilac, sun yellow and white.


With a pragmatic approach, we aim to underscore the intrinsic value of art and creativity, advocating for their recognition alongside scientific achievements. Through compelling evidence and clear advocacy, we strive for the arts to be acknowledged as essential, paving the way for the inevitable shift from STEM to STEAM education.

A macro photo of a purple cornflower.

to Advocacy

We are steadfast in our belief that creativity deserves the same emphasis as literacy within education and policy. Committed to advocating for significant policy transformations, we aim to secure creativity's place at the core of educational frameworks, ensuring it is seen as fundamental to unlocking human potential and driving societal progress.

A macro photo of a rose's magenta coloured petals.
A gradient image made up of pastel shades of pink, lilac, sun yellow and white.

Our Mission Statement & Commitments

We advocate for integrating arts with STEM, aiming to equip future generations for an AI-driven era through a STEAM educational framework. Our efforts focus on developing critical skills like creativity and empathy. Initiatives include inspiring content, community building, educational reform advocacy, and showcasing creative careers. We support emerging talent and champion diversity, conducting research and promoting lifelong learning to foster a creative, interdisciplinary future.

  • Curate Inspiring Content

    Commit to publishing diverse, high-quality content that showcases the transformative power of creativity across disciplines, highlighting innovative educational approaches, creative breakthroughs, and inspiring personal stories.

  • Build an Engaged Community

    Pledge to foster a vibrant online and offline community where educators, artists, scientists, parents, and advocates can connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects that promote STEAM education and creative learning.

  • Champion Grassroots Action

    Promote and showcase the work that community pioneers are achieving through their efforts to fight against the status quo and traditional models of education.

  • Facilitate Professional Development

    Offer workshops, webinars, and resources for educators and professionals to integrate creativity into their teaching practices and workplaces, focusing on practical strategies for nurturing creativity and innovation.

  • Advocate for Educational Reform

    Actively campaign for the inclusion of arts and creativity in educational curriculums worldwide, partnering with policymakers, educational institutions, and NGOs to advocate for systemic change towards interdisciplinary STEAM education.

  • Showcase Creative Careers

    Highlight pathways and opportunities in creative professions, offering guidance and inspiration for individuals seeking careers that blend art, science, and technology, thereby expanding the narrative around creative professions.Support Emerging Talent

  • Support Emerging Talent

    Provide a platform for emerging artists, scientists, and educators to share their work, through features in the magazine, exhibitions, or community events, along with offering mentorship and funding opportunities where possible.

  • Champion Diversity and Inclusion

    Ensure that the content and community activities are inclusive, representing a wide range of perspectives and voices, especially those from underrepresented groups in the arts, sciences, and education sectors.

  • Conduct Original Research

    Undertake and publish research on the impact of creativity in education and the workforce, providing data-driven insights to support the case for a more creative and interdisciplinary approach to learning.

  • Promote Lifelong Learning

    Encourage readers and community members to engage in continuous learning and personal development, offering resources and challenges that inspire curiosity, learning, and growth at all stages of life.

  • Collaborate for Greater Impact

    Partner with educational institutions, cultural organisations, and industry leaders to launch initiatives that further the our mission, such as art and science fairs, creative learning projects, and advocacy campaigns.

Our Founding Story

Whilst we update this page and the content below, we suggest that if you're interested in learning more about Jake Hopking, our founder and creative lead, then we invite you to read his background story — much of which ties back to this, our founding story.

Black and white 35mm film photograph of Lloyds House London, taken by Jake Hopking at age 14 — London, United Kingdom

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A photograph of a man holding a Nikon FM SLR film camera
35mm film photograph of a bumblebee flying amonghts a bush of lavender by Jake Hopking at age 12 — Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingom
A beautiful dusk scene taken from Mount Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom) looking out across the North Island to Mount Taranaki. A serene band of orange and peach colours from the setting sun illuminate the central scene — Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

* * *

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The gannet colony at Muriwai during a rare lilac coloured sunset — Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
A macro of two sakura, cherry blossom flowers, with shallow depth-of-field and soft bokeh — Tokyo, Japan

* * *

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A close-up of a bunch of sakura, cherry blossoms, in the foreground with the Tokyo Tower in blurred creamy bokeh in the background — Tokyo, Japan
The famous Wanitsuka no Sakura (cherry) tree's blossoming branches hang in the foreground, with the snowcapped Yatsugatake mountains in the background — Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

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A detailed close-up image of the ornate patterns and paintwork on the three story pagoda at Kiyomizu-dera — Kyoto, Japan

* * *

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A woman sits and reads whilst sitting on a red velvet blanket inside a bamboo seating area — her face and body obscured by the building's wall, with only her sandals and kimono visible — Nezu Museum, Minato, Tokyo
A Japanese macaque mother hugs and holds its baby's hand whilst sitting on the rocks beside a natural hot spring — Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

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The photographer behind the lens

Embark on a journey with Elkli & Hart's founder, whose life is interwoven with art, technology, and a passion for social change. Discover his inspirations, core beliefs, and the driving force behind this innovative and purpose-driven venture.

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Jake Hopking standing on a clifftop looking out of the Tasman Sea in New Zealand