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Sharing Beyond Creativity magazine, our vision for its future, how to get your free copy, and an invitation to collaborate.

When I recently posted confirmation on social media that Beyond Creativity magazine had been successfully assigned an International Standard Serial Number (ours is ISSN 3033-3628), a code used to uniquely identify a serial publication, such as a magazine — I was asked to share more details.

The best answer will be the first issue, however it's obviously not a practical response. Therefore this article summarises the vision and the next steps required in actually launching the print magazine.

Words Jake Hopking
21 Feb 2024
Beyond Creativity Magazine Vol.01 No.01 — Mockup of the magazines stacked on top of one another.

Article outline

This is a little bit of a long read — so to help you skip around, here’s what we cover:

  1. What is Beyond Creativity?
  2. Why start this project?
  3. Get your free copy
  4. What’s in the launch issue?
  5. A Sneak Peek.
  6. An Invitation to Contribute.
Update [14 Mar 2024]:

I recently drafted The Beyond Creativity Manifesto — which I hope will clarify for many the mission, vision, values and commitments I have for the Beyond Creativity project, and will serve as a rallying cry to those that share similar ideologies!

Moreover, it will help those that are interested in contributing or collaborating to understand whether their content ideas align with the broad vision for Beyond Creativity magazine.

The manifesto itself is an open document, and is editable by anyone in the community, and all changes to it will be viewable within its history.

What is Beyond Creativity?

The magazine itself will be a platform and community that will advocate for the power of art, and the transformative effects that art plays in developing creativity, as well as a plethora of essential soft and hard skills that are necessary for nurturing well rounded and brilliant minds. Moreover it will advocate for the transformative effects of Creative Education within our outdated national curriculums — the ultimate goal is to affect systemic educational policy reform.

The articles that will appear inside Beyond Creativity magazine will focus primarily on uncovering the ways in which creativity is essential in ALL disciplines and professional backgrounds — creativity isn’t just limited to the artistic side of the creativity spectrum (design, art, humanities etc) — it is the essence of human progress; beyond creativity lies every invention, breakthrough, theorem, piece of art, engineering masterpiece, scientific discovery, and line of code — to name only a few examples.

Traditionally the term creativity is wrongly associated with the arts — true, it appears from the research that it is nurtured through engagement in artistic activities, yet it is critical in all of us regardless of our artistic persuasion. Changing this outdated understanding of creativity is one of the primary goals for Beyond Creativity magazine — and through our journalism, research, case studies, and professional profiles I believe we can do so.

I think that is a good summary of the broad vision for the magazine — I go into much further detail within the launch issue, where I also cover STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Education, and why we need to transition towards it and away from STEM (note the lack of Arts), and how we can make the shift.

Beyond Creativity Magazine Vol.01 No.01 — Mockup of the magazines cover siting on top of another open copy displaying the Editor's Letter

A mockup of the working draft for the first issue of Beyond Creativity Magazine.

Why start this project?

I don’t cover this in the launch issue, and now that I think about it — I probably should. However it can wait for the second issue, where I can go into much more depth. Here’s an overview, cobbled together from my response to social media messages, and from conversations I have had over the past few weeks.

I can trace the point back a couple of years to when I was trying to uncover my own purpose — what “Big ‘I’” ‘Impossible’ (from Steven Kotler’s — The Art of the Impossible) projects should I be focussed on achieving during the remaining time I have on this planet. Completing the exercises within the book, I came up with a list of 20 ventures I could choose from. Predominantly these were visions that required a deep level of advanced knowledge in specific areas of physical and material science. I’ll elaborate on these within the aforementioned future article. Also amongst the list were a few social and societal issues I felt strongly passionate about. One of those was our outdated educational system — particularly how the arts is always relegated and progressively defunded.

Around the same time, I discovered the work of the late Sir Ken Robinson — an impassioned educator and advocate for Creative Education. His book “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything” was a revelation to me personally. In this book he shares the reality that all of us are born with unique creativity and that instead of asking “How intelligent are you?”, we must instead be asking “How are you intelligent?” — a subtle yet profound distinction. Something within me clicked during the course of reading that book, and I no longer felt uncomfortable in showing my creative side. Prior to this, I always felt that to be ‘intelligent’ and meaningful or respected within society I needed to show my logical traditional academic mind.

This is becoming longer than I had anticipated — and I’ve not yet covered my concerns around AI and the societal effects of which we can’t yet appreciate, especially for our next generation of children who will grow up in this future landscape — both of which are essential parts of my “why”.

Therefore to cut a long story short: 

I want to change the global conversation around the importance and definition of creativity, raise awareness for the power of art, and promote creative education to unlock human potential, and champion the personal freedom this knowledge uncovers, so that we can respectively pursue our innate creative intelligence and find our own unique personal element.

What’s in the launch issue?

I am currently putting together the launch issue, which will focus on the magazine’s vision of which I’ve summarised above, along with a 50 page guide on how to develop creativity, and essential soft and hard skills, through engagement in artistic activities — specifically targeted at nurturing these essential skills within children. I feel strongly about the effects of AI, and the launch guide is my response to the concerns I have for my daughter’s future. AI is here to stay, and we as a society need to focus on developing essential cognitive skills for our future generations — skills that allow them to remain competitive and relevant in this future landscape.

Beyond Creativity Magazine Vol.01 No.01 — Mockup of the magazines stacked on top of one another.

Here's the current outline of articles contained in the launch issue.
I’ll share more details in future updates, yet this should provide good high level clarity:

  • Editor's Letter

  • Introduction and Vision

  • Overview of AI and Automation

  • The Value of the Arts in the Age of AI

  • Arts and Human Creativity

  • How Are You Intelligent? 

  • Exploring Creative Intelligence

  • Visual Arts and Photography

  • Soft and Hard Skills — An Overview

  • Soft Skills Nurtured Through the Visual Arts

  • Hard Skills Developed Through the Visual Arts

  • Embracing Creativity for All Our Futures

  • Next Steps 

  • Call to Action for Continuous Learning

  • 10 Family Activities that Further Nurture Creativity and Connection

  • Views

  • Aperture

  • Community and Founding Members

  • Bibliography

  • The Last Word

  • The AI Generation Survey

A Sneak Peek

Here are a few layout spreads taken from Adobe InDesign, which is the Desktop Publishing Tool (DTP) that I’m using to design the editorial layout for the magazine. Subscribers to our newsletter will receive a few extras. Below these is our invitation to contribute — please take a read before you click out.

Also, I shared a short video reel on our IG account of me flicking through the full draft magazine, which you can watch here:

Beyond Creativity Magazine Vol.01 No.01 — Mockup of selected spreads from the launch issue

A mockup showing selected spreads from the launch issue.

Beyond Creativity Mag Vol. 01 No. 01 - Design spread showing 'Soft Skills' Introduction.

Article introduction for the Soft Skills feature — one of the essential pieces to our AI Survival Guide.

Beyond Creativity Mag Vol. 01 No. 01 - Design spread showing Adaptability skills focus.

Example of one of the 14 Soft Skills we have identified as being critical.

Beyond Creativity Mag Vol. 01 No. 01 - Design spread showing 3D Modelling and Animation skills focus.

Example of one of the 16 Hard Skills we have identified as being important.

An Invitation to Contribute

The final piece I’d like to cover in this introduction, and the reason I have been reaching out on social media asking for people to get in touch if they are interested in knowing more, is primarily to focus on the future of the magazine and its subsequent issues. 

I have no interest in being the sole voice of the magazine. I deeply want this to be a place of myriad voices, perspectives, backgrounds, contributions, and opinions. 

If you would like me to be more specific, then I’m looking for artists, scientists, architects, designers, teachers, parents, photographers, journalists, engineers, writers, mathematicians et al. that have a deep fascination with uncovering the source of creativity and who are drawn to unearthing the ways in which we can develop the essential skills, identified within our launch guide, in all of us so that we can unlock more of human potential across all backgrounds and disciplines.

Now you have this context, is this something you are interested in talking more about — would you like to contribute or share ideas on how to improve the vision? Or are there other people in your network who you know that might be interested in this venture? Or both?

Please contact me directly if you have any questions — I’m happy to email or jump on a Zoom call or meet up in the real world to discuss. Email me:, follow my journey on Instagram: primarily @elkliandhart and in time @gobeyondcreativity, and sign up to our community newsletter (see above).

Jake 🦌

P.S. Please don't forget to register for your free copy.

Beyond Creativity Series

As we share more of our journey in bringing Beyond Creativity to life, we will keep the exploration organised here.