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City of Diamonds
Antwerp | Belgium

Summer 2022

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Architectural passenger entrance pontoon to the river ferry in Antwerp, Belgium
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Exploring Western Prefectures
Chugoku | Japan

From Spring 2017 — To Spring 2019

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Illuminated goldfish lantern contrasted on a black background — Yanai Village, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
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Art & City
Barcelona | Spain

Spring 2019

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Two spires from La Sagrada Familia, with a map illustration pointing out the location — Barcelona, Spain

The photographer behind the lens

Embark on a journey with Elkli & Hart's founder, whose life is interwoven with art, technology, and a passion for social change. Discover his inspirations, core beliefs, and the driving force behind this innovative and purpose-driven venture.

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Jake Hopking standing on a clifftop looking out of the Tasman Sea in New Zealand